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How to Plan Your Sophomore Year of High School

How to plan your sophomore year of high schoolIf you’re a high school sophomore, senior year may seem light years away. So may the thought of your college applications. But two years will pass faster than you think. And the way you spend this year may have a big effect on your college career.  Now’s the time to plan your sophomore courses and other activities so things fall smoothly into place later.

Choose your courses carefully

Some high schools offer honors or AP classes in sophomore year, while others don’t. If your school offers either of these options, you should take advantage, if you possibly can. Colleges want to see that you have stepped up to meet the challenges offered to you.

Check out the websites from some colleges you might be interested in attending, and see what high school classes they recommend. It will give you an idea of what to aim for. If possible, take a foreign language, and continue it for the rest of high school.

If your school doesn’t offer honors, AP classes or a foreign language, don’t worry. A college will not hold your high school’s lack of options against you. Dive into your schoolwork and get the most from it. Think of this year as a chance to expand your thinking in every direction.

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