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Get Ready for the New SAT Test

Pencil on testAre you ready for the new SAT test? Since March 5, 2016, it has been ready for you. High school juniors planning to take the SAT in June should register now. Also take time to familiarize yourself with the new format.

The new SAT will be heavy on reading—even in the math sections. If there’s one skill most important to brush up on, it’s focused reading. Here’s an overview of the test, according to the College Board and other sources.

1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Reading Test – You’ll be asked to read passages from texts about many subjects, including literature, politics, history, science and the social sciences. Some of these passages will include informational graphics.

After reading the passages and looking at the graphics, you’ll be asked to answer questions that test your ability to understand what you have read and to make deductions based on the information. This tests your ability to use evidence to reach conclusions, as well to understand how authors use evidence to support their assertions. It also tests your ability to see the connections between informational graphics and the passages they illustrate.

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