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Beware of glitches in the Common Application

IMG_4697 This fall, major bugs in the Common Application software continue to bedevil high school seniors as they attempt to file their college applications.  Although some colleges are now offering software alternatives, such as the Universal College Application, the Common App remains dominant for now.

That’s why it’s important for applicants to confirm that the entire form has been not only correctly submitted, but also received by each college.

Some students mistakenly believe they’ve completed the process before the application has actually been submitted. That’s because a misleading “receipt of payment” notice may seem to signify that the process is complete.  It isn’t.

Be sure to sign and submit your application after paying.

Also remember when filing the Common Application that the Writing Supplement that some schools ask for requires a separate submission.

After completing the whole process, be sure to return to the Common Application website to confirm that everything is in good order. Check your Dashboard and also your My Colleges page to make sure that every part of the application has been submitted.

If you have any doubts, call the admissions offices of the colleges where you are applying and ask them to confirm your application is complete. This is a situation where it’s better to be safe than sorry.

— The College Strategist

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