High school freshmen – Initial consultation: laying the groundwork

  • How to start preparing for college
  • Beyond good grades and test scores, what colleges are looking for
  • Getting ready for the PSATs
  • Thinking about extracurricular activities and summers

More information

I counsel high school freshmen and their parents about how to start preparing for college. While most high schools advise their college-bound freshmen to select challenging classes, work hard and strive for high grades, there are other important issues to consider. Students should begin thinking about which extracurricular activities to get involved in and how to spend their summers.

No matter what you may have heard, there is no single, foolproof path that college-bound students must follow. Instead there are many possible routes that can take you to the college of your choice. It’s important to avoid the conventional wisdom and think carefully about each student’s strengths and special interests. I sit down with freshman and their parents, explain the issues that are important to colleges when making admissions decisions, and help each student begin to think about the path to college that’s right for her or him.

Enrichment tutoring
For students looking for enrichment, I also offer tutoring in English and the humanities. Now is the time when students should begin to read widely and explore the world of knowledge and culture beyond their classroom assignments. For more on my tutoring services, click here.