High school juniors – Assessing strengths and visiting colleges

  • Developing a college strategy
  • Preparing for the standardized tests
  • Building on your special interests
  • Refining your extracurricular activities
  • Working on your college list
  • Thinking about financial aid
  • Planning the college visits
  • Organizing your most important summer

More information

Junior year is when college-bound students need to realistically assess their academic records and think seriously about their college plans. This is also the year most high school students take the SAT tests (or ACTs) and SAT Subject tests. For better or worse, standardized tests are an important part of the college application process. But no one should let these tests dominate junior year. Classwork and extracurricular activities are more important than ever.

I meet with juniors and their families to help evaluate their academic records and extracurricular activities. We consider what sort of person the student has become and what kind of college would be right for him or her. Now is the time to seriously discuss the financial side of college. If the student is going to need financial aid, this is an important issue consider when evaluating various schools. I help develop a list of possible colleges, and I recommend which ones to visit, when to go and what to do while there. (This is not as self-evident as some people might think.)

I counsel students and their families on how to make the best use of their final summer before senior year. This is the chance to get a running start on their college applications and minimize the stress of 12th grade. We also discuss the advantages and drawbacks of Early Action and Early Decision applications.