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I tutor high school, middle school, college and graduate students in writing. Having written for The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation and many other publications, I know how to capture a reader’s attention. No matter what your academic level, I can teach you how to do it, too.

English enrichment tutoring

I offer one-on-one English enrichment classes tailored to an individual student’s level and can also help you prepare for college-level work in the humanities. I will show you how to do “deep reading”—how to dig under the surface of an essay, narrative or other creative work and figure out what the author is up to.

Social studies tutoring

I tutor middle school and high school students in social studies. Whenever possible, my approach is to connect history and the social issues of society with literature, photography, film and the other arts to make the subject come alive.

These are the subjects I tutor:

  • Writing persuasive, analytical and personal essays
  • Writing papers and reports

  • Reading and analyzing American and English literature

  • Social studies for middle school and high school

Find out how I can help you become a better student.