These numbers show the percent of applicants accepted to some of the most highly selective colleges and universities in America last year. Obviously the admissions situation at these schools is very competitive. But keep in mind that each applicant is unique and his or her chances of acceptance actually depend on many variables. Students who know how to present themselves effectively can significantly increase their chance of admission.

College Admissions Statistics for 2012

School 2012
Amherst College 13%
Brown University 9%
Columbia University 7%
Cornell University 18%
Dartmouth College 10%
Georgetown University 18%
Harvard University 6%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 18%
Middlebury College 18%
Pomona College 14%
Princeton University 8%
Stanford University 7%
Swarthmore College 15%
University of California – Berkeley 21%
University of Chicago 16%
University of Pennsylvania 12%
Vassar College 23%
Wesleyan University 24%
Williams College 17%
Yale University 8%

Early Action Admittance Rates

Class of 2018 Class of 2017
Harvard 21% 18.43%
Princeton 18.5% 18.3%
Yale 15.5% 14.4%
Stanford 10.8% 11.9%